5 Spice (Bandra, Mumbai)

A simple place: think wooden tables, plains walls and packed in together like commuters in a central line train.

I admit as a first-timer at 5-spice I was somewhat baffled by the vast Indo-Chinese menu. I was also overcome by the sheer quanity of food served here! Despite desperate clamours from my dining partner to only order 2 dishes, in mischievous fashion I ordered 3 dishes: Veg Spring Rolls,  Paneer in Chilli Blackbean and some fried veg noodles.

The spring rolls were tasty and came with a delicious dark spicy sauce on the side. I was surprised by how thick the pastry was around the veg filing – certainly not a light filo pastry as is common with spring rolls.  The chilli paneer in blackbean was average. The sauce was heavily thickened (I suspect cornflour) and didn’t compliment the already heavy paneer. The veg noodles which honestly could have fed a family of four alone, were bland, a little greasy but passable.

With so many places to eat in Bandra, nothing particularly draws me to 5 Spice above the competition. However I guess if someone on a budget had a particularly ravenous appetite for Indo-Chinese fare, 5 Spice would get a look in.

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