Bombay Salad Company (Bandra, Mumbai)

“It was pride that changed angels into devils; it is humility that makes men as angels.”

There is no denying that Bombay Salad Company is an unrivalled concept in the Mumbai suburbs. The newly opened large format, and better looking restaurant is a clearly a bold statement by the owning duo (husband and wife I imagine?) of the success of the fresh salad concept.

However it is this very success and popularity that gives me the most disquietude about entering Bombay Salad Company.Whilst it is laudable to see the owners so deeply involved in managing the whole cabaret that is Bombay Salad Company, success is clearly taking its toll. In the early days, one was confronted with a relaxed and calm front of house, but now the duo have developed a rather haughty and hasty manner in which they deal with regular customers, with little time to explain the menu, ensure guests are satisfied or even seated! The once rather demure lady, now frets between calling out orders to the army of workers, answering a phone that never stop ringing (and seemingly never gets answered), attending to a queue of in-store customers and inspecting bags going out for delivery. Nothing puts one at more unease than to see such a stressful brouhaha.

No doubt and as you know, the salads are excellent – whether it be a The Italian or Iron Man; the variety of fresh leaves is commendable (rocket, kale, cos etc) and the dressings are well thought out (be it the Djon Thyme Vinaigrette or the Orange & Carrot Vinaigrette). The prices are also appropriate for the location and the nature of the cuisine.

Eating at the new Bombay Salad Company is a bit like dating a lady who by fortune or deliberate intent, suddenly became very attractive or very famous, rendering you a jealous common man. Your lady now flaunts her new found self confidence, is indifferent to your old charm and is too busy for the mere trivialities of your existence.

So let me repeat again, Bombay Salad is a fabulous concept but as the words of a once famous popular urban song go “my gosh don’t you just know it”

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