Carter’s Blue (Bandra, Mumbai)

Carter’s Blue is really only fit for the drunken revellers who stumble around Carter Road after a heavy night of booze on Friday and Saturday evenings. The restaurant proudly announces that it has no other franchises apart from Dubai and frankly it’s not hard to see why. Carter’s Blue should remain as a pitiful Mumbaikar institution that serves below average food in a below average way.

On my first visit, I tried the Paneer Shawarma. The bread was barely toasted, chewy and unappetizing, and I was dismayed to taste the creamy, heavy sauce that the paneer was coated in. The sauce simply did not compliment the paneer, which is already rich and heavy. Anyway being a man of forgiveness and tolerance, I attempted a falafel shawarma the next time I was passing. Same story with the bread, but this time I had to wade through dry falafels with little taste. At the time, the restaurant had decided to boycott all drinks manufacturers, luckily there was a small shop serving refreshments next door, which gave me the opportunity to wash down the dry, withering and fragmented falafel pieces.

It would be remiss of me not to mention the cleanliness of the kitchen. The restaurant nearest the sea, has a dual story kitchen. Unfortunately, this means your pita bread is passed upstairs and downstairs before being served. It is a source of much consternation to see food being so “over-handled”.

If you want to try this sort of fare, go to Modern Juice Centre in Colaba instead and you’ll never return to CBs.

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