Copper Chimney (Andheri, Mumbai)

Upon entering Copper Chimney one feels a sense of reassurance: the restaurant is bright and radiant, the decor tasteful and the service efficient and non intrusive. The food also exemplifies this first impression. The fare is well versed and honours the timeless classics of North Indian cuisine.

The rumali papad and its multitude of complements were a perfect appetiser. The papad was crisp and it’s sheer size made it a crowd pleasing dish.

The paneer tikka starter was cooked to perfection in the tandoor and was light, creamy and soft.

The Malai kofte I chose for mains was just too sweet for my palette. The garlic butter nan was tasty, although a little small.

Finally, we indulged in the Rasmalai for dessert, which was somewhat of a disappointment. The malai was not as creamy or as sweet as one might have hoped (perhaps they thought I couldn’t handle anything sweeter after that sickly malai kofte gravy!)

On a drinks note, the meethi lassi was a tad tangy but acceptable.

Whilst I think it is fair to talk about a “reassuring” experience at Copper Chimney, do not expect to go beyond this stayed familiarity or what can be deemed a moderately good dine.

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