Di Napoli (Nariman Point, Mumbai)

For South Bombay, Di Napoli is certainly located off the beaten track, tucked behind some obscure office buildings at Nariman point. The amount of diners seemed to be a reflection of the obscure location. On a Saturday night, there was only one other table occupied. For those who want to get away from the crowds, Di Napoli seems like an ideal sanctuary.

The sub-communication of the unassuming exterior, the minimal even clinical interior and the tricky location is: “you’re here as a guest to enjoy good food and not the razzmatazz or bells and whistles of more accessible and conspicuous restaurants.”

The “good food” at Di Napoli is undoubtedly the pizza, which surpasses any of the other so called pizzerias in the city. I wouldn’t be surprised if the restaurant adheres to the VPN (Vera Pizza Nepoletana) association pizza making rules as the pizza very closely resembles the offerings of Naples.

I ordered the Pizza bianco with spinach. The crust was light and airy, owing to the short cooking time and high temperature wood fired oven. The base bore all the hallmarks of a traditional Neapolitan pizza: lightly charred, soft and thin. The scamorza cheese, while there was a little too much, was a tasty alternative to mozzarella.

A slight disappointment of the night was the “Primavera” mixed veg  risotto. It was clearly a good attempt: rich (but not excessively sweet or tangy) tomato sauce and fresh veggies should have made for a “killer” risotto. However the rice was overcooked (perhaps pre-cooked too?) and didn’t have the typical creaminess of a carefully cooked risotto.

The watermelon mocktail I ordered was sublime. A beautifully refreshing combination of mint, watermelon and lime.

Had I not had the risotto, Di Napoli would have been a contender for my first five star rating. Nevertheless, I’ll still go as far as saying Di Napoli is serving the best Italian pizza in Bombay by a long margin.

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