Exotic Flavours (Mulund, Mumbai)

Exotic Flavors is far removed in terms of style and locality from the pomp and circumstance of South Bombay and Bandra hangouts, but that’s what adds to its charm. You would be well advised to sit outside, where soothing light shades add to the overall calm and relaxed vibe that the place wishes to project. The charm of the place is, however, lost within the rather austere interior seating area.Service is efficient and polite and waiters were not short of recommendations. The veg-stir fry I tried was simply done although a little heavy on salt. The Harissa potatoes were spicy, well cooked and refreshingly tangy, owing to the addition of lime. The siciliian pizza  was somewhat peculiar but positively so. The cheese didn’t bear any of the hallmarks of ersatz cheese normally used in cost cutting pizza joints. The base again seemed home-made and was crisp, if a little tough and was almost similar to a shortcrust pasty preparation.

On the drinks side, the mocktail I sampled was delicious and well prepared, and not overladen with sugar like many cocktails you find in the city.

Value wise this place is excellent, and the food decent. it will never compete with the crème de la crème of Mediterranean dining in the city, but I don’t think the place has any aspirations to  do so. If I stayed in Mulund, Exotic Flavors would be on my go to list for convivial and casual dining!

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