Pizza Metro (Khar, Mumbai)

The ambience and decor is almost identical to the two restaurants in London. The food is also comparable. We ordered 2 pizzas: the aubergine/ricotta and mixed veg to share between 3 people. The Pizza was thin, well cooked, but the cornicione (crust) was perhaps not as light as a true Neapolitan pizza. The ricotta on the aubergine pizza was strange: a cross between whipped cream and down-market cheese from a squeezy tube. I think you’d be hard pushed to find a better Italian pizza than this in the Bandra/Khar but that’s more an indictment of the poor calibre of pizza joints in Mumbai.

My major issue would be the menu which describes dishes with Parmesan as vegetarian. This might come as a surprise to many Bombayites, but parmesan is a NON-VEG cheese. Parmesan contains animal rennet. Unless the restaurant is using a non-Italian substitute (again which would be misleading), vegetarians do be warned!

I would consider returning, but seek clarity from the restaurant on the above issue.

**Follow up 2016 Review

I used to hold the two London restaurants as bastions of good Italian home-cooking, but something has really changed at Pizza Metro in Khar. A curdled tomato and ricotta rigatoni pasta and a greasy burnt garlic bread on the side. Rating this place as 2.5.

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