Gokul (Colaba, Mumbai)

I was met with outrage after telling a few friends that I had frequented this place. It almost felt like I had been having an adulterous relationship with a sultry mistress!

In every male or female (for that matter) there seems to be an atavistic longing for a dimly lit, crepuscular meeting place, packed to the rafters with other human beings. Gokul seems to so perfectly tap into this longing.

Don’t go alone here, unless you want to blend in with the shady uncles enjoying boiled channa in the corner, but do definitely come here with friends and immerse yourself in the veritable pandemonium that fills every corner of the restaurant. Even as a non-drinker, it was amazing to soak up the atmosphere and the smoke of other tables. The crowd is young, non-pretentious and rather hedonistic.

You’ll notice I haven’t really mentioned the food, which is central to all my views, because frankly one doesn’t come here for the food. Instead, Gokul is a place where you can let your hair down after a hard week, chat with friends and other young fun-loving Bombayites.

Ok well here’s one recommendation: try the creamy paneer wrap. The wrap cut into bite-sized pieces  oozes with cream and the soft paneer filling melts in the mouth. Whilst I mock the boiled channa eaters, it’s a tasty little dish to start the night with.

Even the connoisseur has primitive tendencies once in a while.

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