Good Luck Restaurant (Bandra, Mumbai)

One of the managers (maybe even owner?) proudly stated to me that there are 3 things in any catering business “price, quality and service”. He told me Goodluck Restaurant gets 2 of those things right: “price and quality”.

I commend the Good Sir for such a forthright analysis of his own business.  Taking an “all things to all men” approach to running a restaurant is in my view a sure fire road to mediocrity. When one vituperative Auntie asked why the Chai was so expensive at 20 rupees a cup, the gentleman explained that there were many places in the vicinity that served chai for 6 rupees and was even happy to give her directions to them. I must find the name of this gentleman for he is the true rockstar of Mehboob studio: confident in his product and not afraid of his weaknesses or the competition.

Like this self-assured chap, I’m very clear about the limitations of GoodLuck restaurant and so should you.  Let me break it down:

1) Do not go here for anything else but chai and bun maska.   I REPEAT: do not go here for anything but chai and bun maska.  The chai is prepared “Iranian”, style – this is strong chai if I ever had any!  The bun maska is soft and delicious.

I once had some vegetarian dishes here: channa masala and dum aloo with a stack of roti. As previously pointed out, the rotis are reheated and as a consequence are very tough. The channa was passable, but hard and the dum aloo tasty. Maybe for non-veg food, it might be better?

2) Do not sit down.

3) Talk with the manager and other chai drinkers outside. There are some good locals here, especially after working hours.

Goodluck Restaurant is getting a 4.5/5.0 from me only because of the chai and bun maska. Otherwise Goodluck would be lucky (no pun) to get 3.5 stars from the Connoisseur.

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