Indigo Deli (Bandra, Mumbai)

There’s nothing immediately enchanting about Indigo Deli in Pali Hill. Whether it be the wooden booths or the rustic-looking walls, the interior doesn’t exactly overwhelm with style or finesse.

And frankly nor does the food, or the people. The crowd of girls who adorn the table in the distance, pout and take selfies, all the while appearing to have little concern in life for anything other than their aesthetic value or the online adulation of the simian males who follow their every move.

The mozzarella, pesto & tomato pizza that arrives is strange with the base having more in resemblance to an incinerated tortilla wrap. I appreciate the attempt at a thin crust, but this attempt has just gone too far! I have seen sheets of cheap invoice paper that have more depth and texture. The toppings were satisfactory, although not inspiring.

The Mac n Cheese was a soupy mess, with some obnoxious topping that seemed to have been gleefully sprinkled after the dish had been baked. In fact, I wouldn’t be surprised if the fondue found on one of the latter pages of the menu was similar in composition. The asparagus, orange and coconut soup from the specials was however a standout dish, commendably executed, delicate in taste and without the bitterness for which asparagus can sometimes be so famous.

I was told it would take 20 minutes for the blueberry soufflé dessert, which I felt was almost an inducement not to order it; so I did. The soufflé should be the apotheosis of an accomplished pastry chef’s craft, however Indigo’s sloppy Soufflé had painful associations with undercooked scrambled eggs and was thoroughly reprehensible in its execution and delivery.

This business dinner set me back almost 9,000 INR (130 USD), for the same price which I have eaten in many fine Michelin star restaurants. This is certainly not a value conscious place, nor even “quality at a reasonable price”. In fact, I’d say it’s overpriced, humdrum European fare.

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