Jay Sandwich (Bandra, Mumbai)

So for what is essentially a roadside stall serving grilled sandwiches, Jay Sandwich has certainly built up an enviable reputation in Bombay.

I opted for the big grilled sandwich and at 130 rupees a time, it’s certainly not the cheapest road side store going. However the “big grilled” is huge and can easily satisfy two of the most voracious appetites in town! The sandwich is loaded with freshly cut veggies, potatoes and cheese is served up with a deliciously spicy green chutney that compliments the grilled sandwich so perfectly.

The only slight issue was the amount of butter used. The sheer quantity was overbearing and left me running to the drinks shop strategically placed next door! Next time I’ll be sure to order without only a touch of butter.

In brief, a good joint worthy of its acclaim.

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