Jughead’s (Khar, Mumbai)

Jughead’s boldly describes itself as an “unrestaurant”. If what this means is a restaurant with no style, that is tacky and revels in its unrefined ways then Jugheads is the epitome. With a name like Jughead’s I suppose I was also wrong to have any expectations of the quality of food.

However the chilli paneer starter had set some expectations (allbeit rather minimal) : lightly fried with a hint of tanginess and just the right amount of heat, this dish for a transitory moment overshadowed the cheap seating, garish colour tones and waiters running around in total disorder.

That was the only respite. The pasta arrabiata was overcooked and came in what can only be described as the most abhorrent tomato sauce known to man: sweet, sour and creamy. I had a few mouthfuls out of sheer politeness to my friends.

The non-veg food – although I didn’t try it- looked bland and insipid. A portion of fish and chips, with some vile looking fish and some soggy chips, made me truly sorry for my non-veg companions.

I’m left searching for a compelling reason why I should ever return to Jughead’s…

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