Lassi Te Parrontthe (Bandra, Mumbai)

I admire the concept of Lassi Te Parrontthe. It’s a quirky, fun, little roadside joint. The benches amuse me almost as much as the sheer length of time it took for the dapper looking chap to cook a pre-cooked paratha. I think it was more than 10 minutes if my memory serves me well. Given the amount of time it takes to cook the parathas, any serious influx of orders will leave you waiting a significant length of time to get your hands on these greasy but tasty parathas! It must also be said that the parathas are  more filling than normal, due to their size and the quantity of filling.

If the place really wanted to exceed expectations, I think rolling out fresh parathas would be a touch of theatre and class not seen amongst any of Carter Road’s casual eateries. However I suspect this might ruin the “cool” image of the dapper man running the place.

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