Little Italy (Juhu, Mumbai)

“Oft expectation fails, and most oft where most it promises”

I had high expectations for Little Italy. After all, a non-pretentious, vegetarian Italian joint, based in Juhu, what could be better?Alas, Little Italy was a worse than run of the mill Italian restaurant. The Arancini to start was cooked in a strange batter, not the usual breadcrumbs that suppli and arancini are coated in. The lashings of white cheese roux over the top of the arancini was almost as bizarre as the pot of ketchup on the table. The portion size was good, however, and the risotto filling was well executed.

The feta, sun dried tomato, olive and caper pasta could have been good, except the green olives were definitely not fresh and the capers overpowered such a delicate dish. The pasta was impeccably cooked, and the sun dried tomatoes and feta was a delicious marriage of flavour. The broccoli salad my friend ordered looked nice if a little too rustically presented.

A note on service: is it really necessary to overstaff the place? I appreciate Little Italy is a popular joint but to see waiters hovering around the table, not serving and just observing is rather unnecessary and off-putting.I feel the restaurant would also benefit from cutting the menu size down. I find it bizarre that the place offers “nachos”, “quesadillas” and a whole jamboree of international cuisine. Firstly, it is makes dish selection unnecessarily difficult and secondly, it has an adverse effect on the quality of other dishes.

I’ve clearly been a little tough on Little Italy. You will get OK food in an average environment, but then why settle for such mediocrity…?

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