Modern Juice Centre (Colaba, Mumbai)

A lamentable task for the gora types is finding roadside eating joints that are hygienic and stomach friendly.  Modern totally fits the bill in this regard. As one of my mates boldly declared “the rich and fashionable from all parts of Bombay turn up in their flash cars to have the Modern experience, it is legit”.

Honestly, forget Carter Blues in Bandra or Piccadilly, Modern is the only credible joint for veg fast-food. Sit down and relax on one of the make-shift stools and enjoy a veg burger or veg shawarma. In both cases, not too greasy or dry. I even found a few french fries buried in the Shawarma – what a cheeky little addition.

Accompany your chosen savoury item with one of the many fresh juices on offer, which are all made right in front of you. For the health conscious, make sure you ask without sugar or ice as they certainly load both in there if you don’t specify.

This is my first 4.5/5.0 review. The Modern Experience is unparalleled.

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