Moshe’s (Colaba, Mumbai)

One certainly can’t deny the success of Moshe’s in Bombay, for it has become almost an institution for all European food.

The cheese fondue seems to be an iconic feature of all Moshe’s restaurants and it is certainly a crowd pleaser! However, I do feel the kitchen could heighten the experience by providing something else besides just chunks of bread and crispy wafer bread.  Some vegetables on the side would be a nice touch. That said, the cheese is delectable and the toppings are imaginative and heighten the experience.Risotto is always the mark of a good restaurant, being notirously difficult to serve to order. Moshe’s is above average on this account.  However I’m not convinced of the merits of slow cooking risotto as they boast on their menu. The risotto whilst irresistibly creamy, was overcooked.

On a previous visit, I sampled the “pink sauce” pasta. Anywhere which describes a sauce in terms of its colour would normally alarm me, but I’m led to believe this is  common Indian terminology to describe a blend of a tomato sauce and a roux sauce (white sauce). The pasta was cooked al dente and the source was tasty if bizarrely a little sweet. I suspect this is to cater to the extremes of the Indian palette, rather than the European one.

Not quite sure what all the fuss about the Gooey Chocolate dessert was for. I tried the eggless variety, owing to my lacto-veg ways, and I wasn’t enamoured by the sponge, or the chocolate flavour. Undercooked, unctous cake is not something to be savoured!

In short, take a special someone, or a large group of friends and taste the fondues! No need to try the rest of the menu, it is above satisfactory, but the fun and theatre of the fondue is the stand-out for me.

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