Nido (Bandra, Mumbai)

Each time I have turned up +1 including Saturday evenings, I have always managed to get a table at Nido. Naturally, I was surprised to hear about friends complaining they can never get a table here!

Nido has been getting a lot of flack about being overhyped, bland and expensive, all of which have been rebuked on each of my visits.

The speciality breads to start are a must;  a cross between foccacia and pizza. I found the hummus bread, in particular, a delightfully unctuous appetizer. The feta and watermelon salad was also refreshingly simple, yet tasty. Although the authenticity of the feta was somewhat suspect, the cheese given was a passable substitute.

For main courses, vegetarian options abound. The mushroom crepes in saffron sauce were delicious. The presentation of the crepes as little fagotinis (small bundles) was a creative touch, not to be ignored.

I think the bill came on each occasion came to less than 2,000 INR and that included some mocktails – really not  bad value for decent food in lovely surroundings.

**2016 – RIP Nido, I miss you.

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