Only Parathas (Malad, Mumbai)

I have talked about it before, restaurants losing focus with a menu as long as my arm, and a menu that tries to be as culturally diverse as central London (who recently elected the first Muslim Mayor or CM to use the Indian equivalent). You would have thought then that a QSR (“quick service restaurant” for those who don’t sit and read the Economics Times like it’s their modern Bhagavad Gita) that claims to be “Only Parathas” might have a sound proposition. Chole, daal, pickle, dahi AND a mooli Paratha for 200 INR, you should be laughing!

Except Only Parathas is about as much fun as a Priest at a Skins Party. Other equally shrewd reviewers had picked up on the almost “deep fried” nature of the Parathas which come with a uniformly brown, oleaginous outer layer. The oil is anything but fresh. If anyone has seen the remnants of a dirty deep fat frier at the end of a busy day at a Vada Pav stand, keep that in mind and then imagine eating that gunk. That is a close approximation to the stodgy, greasy Parathas here. It was loathsome to see the chef handling the Paratha with a dirty tea towel, patting the outside, presumably in an attempt to remove some of the oil. It seems no one gives a flying foxtrot about food hygiene in these parts. Maybe that’s a new venture for me – a private food hygiene agency.

The Daal and chole on the side seems to be a continuation of this stale oil theme and the grule is dished out from a metallic ban marie at the front of the restaurant.It’s ladled out about as ceremoniously as a prison inmate serving his arch enemies.

I did mock the dapper gentleman down at Lassi Te Parrontthe at Carter Road in Bandra, however he’s looking streets ahead of the competition after this experience…Oh Good Sir, forgive me for my over critical ways, I don’t mind if I have to wait 20 minutes for your starchy delights, please allow me back!

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