Pop Tate’s

I think it’s time I gave up trying to find a mid-priced restaurant serving tasty pasta, pizza and so called “exotic foods”.

Pop Tates is located at the top of R-Mall in Mulund. Given the primeness of the location, one might be fooled into thinking this was the best Mulund had to offer in terms of gastronomy. The 30 minute wait to be seated also confirmed the popularity of the place, but not the quality. If there is anything that an aspiring connoisseur must learn in Bombay, it is not to blindly follow the crowd. Bombay is a contrarian foodie’s market.

Admittedly, the restaurant is spacious and has a good vibe, owing to a decent selection of contemporary music, but no extra brownie points are reserved for Pop Tates.

I feel loathed to even discuss the food. The chilli cheese toast was dry: almost as if it had been sat under the lights for half an hour prior to being served. When a restaurant fails to make even the most basic of dishes, you know you’re in for a torrid time.

And torrid it was. The veg lasagna was smothered with synthetic cheese and the veg filling came in a classic false, sweet Indianised “red sauce”.

There’s nothing that could ever bring me back here. Management might dismiss my review as a “one off bad experience” but what I uncovered was a fundamental lack of decent cuisine and taste.

When the world zigs, the connoisseur zags..

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