Pronto Pasta and Noodles (Bandra, Mumbai)

Frankly, I had lost all faith in the quality of European (read “Continental” for Indians) after some of my recent experiences in Italian restaurants (Little Italy amongst others) and for sometime had shied away from such cuisine in Mumbai.

That said, I came across Pronto Pasta and “Noodles” whilst perusing the Zomato Application.  I’m still confused as to why such places always feel the need for a “multi-cuisine” offering (why pasta AND noodles?).  Clearly Adam Smith’s hypothetical “pin factory” example on the benefits of specialisation is not so deeply entrenched in the minds of Indian business owners.

I ordered the gnocchi with spinach, parmesan and peppers and classic tomato sauce. The dish arrived, well packaged in a ubiquitous “noodle” box . Upon opening the box,  I was struggling to see any gnocchi in sight for I was greeted with a swimming pool of tomato sauce and “melted cheese”. Incidentally, parmesan cheese shouldn’t melt in such a manner (it’s a hard cheese!); so my guess is some other ersatz variety is being peddled.

After fishing around in that pool of tomato sauce,  I happened upon a few pieces of gnocchi at the bottom of the box. The tomato sauce was in fact made well and simply done (i.e none of the usual tangy, sweet tomato sauces I have seen being served up to customers in other establishments). The gnocchi, despite being in such scarce supply, was also perfectly acceptable.

In short, Pronto Pasta does have a glimpse of potential (if they went easy on the sauce and used better cheese), but for now the A.P Conoisseur will reinstate his moratorium of “foreign foods” in the bay

.p.s I still maintain my stance on no photos within reviews (I don’t use them) , however I have photo evidence if the management would like to verify the veracity of my claims regarding the red swimming pool.

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