Soul Fry (Bandra, Mumbai)

I popped in here for a quick drink and a light bite. Given that I spent at most 30 minutes in Soul Fry, I’m amazed at just how repulsed I was.

1) Hygiene – lice like insects found roaming in the tiny toilet. Had a look at the store room, and it belied all normal standards of food storage and hygiene. Food stored on the floor, open containers and a putrid smell of fish (fresh fish should not smell so strong).

2) Service – I think I  asked for the bill close to 7 or 8 times, only to be met with blank stares by gormless waiters, who seemed to have had a politeness bypass. I was baffled by the rather bizarre rule not to allow 2 people to split a bill on credit cards.

3) Food and drink – where is the vegetarian selection? 50% of the veg starters were paneer! I opted for the Tambde Aloo and after having seen the hygiene standards, I was surprised I managed to finish it. I have given SoulFry some credit for the Virgin Pina Colada that they served, which although synthetically sweet was a refreshing drink.

4) The place – is dated, dirty and is reminiscent of a dirty beach shack and the people who frequent this joint not much better.

I highly doubt I’ll get a response to this review, given the lack of punctuality and service displayed on every level at SoulFry. That’s fine, however, as there can be no explanations or justifications for what I experienced.

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