The Sassy Spoon (Nariman Point, Mumbai)

Sadly as with many restaurants in the city, “style over substance” seems to be the enduring epithet.  Unfortunately, Sassy Spoon, as the name implies, broadly fits this observation.

The restaurant is located in Express Towers at Nariman Point and it is clear that much of the thought has gone into the design. The wall of suitcases and “secret door” at the end are nice features, but the light wood and garish colour seats contribute to the aura of a cheap lunchtime cafeteria rather than a sophisticated evening eatery.

The complimentary bread selection provided was noteworthy,  often absent from other “European” restaurants in Mumbai. The Gnocchi Selection for mains was conceptually sound and well presented, but too oily and lacking any real flavour penetration. The Bulgar wheat salad we had to accompany the Gnocchi again was passable, but nothing to write home about.

The Very Berry Khatta mocktail was delightful in its childhood taste, evocative of a roadside Gola store, yet presented in the eponymous “sassy” manner.

By all means try Sassy Spoon once (or even twice) but don’t expect this restaurant to have you coming back time and time again!

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