True Tramm Trunk (Juhu, Mumbai)

True Tramm Trunk is located on a rather insalubrious street of Juhu. Once you have waded through the aggressive mendicants on the road, the plethora of cockroaches running hither and dither outside the premises and traversed the needless bureaucracy on the door (apparently bags are not allowed in the premises?), you arrive at what is a busy, hustling & fun night spot.

I find it strange that Bombay night spots always adopt the trinity of food, drinks and dance. It perplexes me why food has become such an integral part of the city’s nightlife. I tend to avoid the food at such places as its usually an after thought of generic finger food. Moreover, I like to relax and eat, and loud music and the fight for space are not exactly conducive to a pleasant dining experience.

The place itself has an uncanny resemblance to the Social chain of bars. The ice baths in the middle of the table are a nice feature, but frankly you have little chance of getting a table given how busy the place normally is. The selection of “Desi Daru” cocktails seems unique; however looking at the menu, I can’t say any were particularly innovative. The litchi, lemongrass mocktail (it was a school night!) I sampled was pleasant and a bit of a head-turner with all that foliage on the top of the glass.

The crowd at True Tramm Trunk was a mix of well-to-do youngsters on a Wednesday night. Whilst I’m not of a certain age yet, I’m sure some of my elder friends would have deplored the “kiddie” college going crowd that was in full spirits that night. The music when I visited was an eclectic mix of EDM, Rnb, HipHop & Pop. I was certainly feeling some of the old school pop classics – Blue, Shaggy, TLC etc – it has to be said.

In short, I think if you are some way short of 30 years old,enjoy rather standard music, don’t mind giving the food a skip and live in Juhu, this would be a decent choice for a night out with friends.

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