India Jones – Trident (Nariman Point, Mumbai)

Charlie Munger, the legendary investor, once said a value investment is one where you acquire “more than you are paying for”. India Jones is certainly not a value investment; you can quite easily end up spending in excess of 6-7k INR a head for an experience that can be found elsewhere for less. However, on a non-relative scale one cannot deny the food is excellent and the service is impeccable.

**Peer Analyis (prices are approximate)

Dish 1 (2x Premium)

India Jones, Trident

Crispy Salt and Pepper Tofu~975 INR

Peer: Bastian, Bandra

Crispy Silken Tofu with sesame peanut sauce/chilli oil ~500 INR

The Salt and Pepper Tofu at India Jones is a delightful dish. The portion size is decent, the tempura batter is light and the diced green and red chillies are used to perfection . However can you justify a 2x premium over Bastian’s equally excellent Crispy Tofu? No.

Dish 2 (2x Premium)

India Jones, Trident

Asparagus in Tepinyaki~950 INR

Peer: Yautcha, BKC

Stir fried asparagus with vegetarian chicken ~495 INR

Trident’s offering is plate of small asparagus skewers with a few drops of Yum Yum sauce on top (Yum Yum is a bit like thousand island dressing for those not so acquainted with Japanese cuisine). The portion size is equivalent to a canape portion. I’m not quite sure why sweet chill sauce was offered as well. For half the price, one can have Yautcha’s equally delicious and aggressively spiced main of asparagus spears and vegetarian chicken.

Dish 3 (3x Multiple)

India Jones, Trident

Chinese Style Cottage Cheese ~1150 INR

Peer: Pick any restaurant, ~350-400 INR

Nothing memorable about this dish. Thin slices of paneer in a sweet/spicy barbecue sauce. You could find this dish anywhere.

Dish 4 (1.2x Multiple)

India Jones, Trident

Tom Kha Soup ~INR 550

Peer : Tiqri, Taj Santacruz

Tom Kha Soup, ~400 INR

Probably the dish offering the best value on the menu. I ordered the Tom Kha Soup minus the meat. It was  a touch thick (more stock, less coconut milk required), but great use of lemongrass and fresh mushrooms as you’d expect from good Thai cooking.

Dish 5 (no peer available)

India Jones, Trident

Veg Penang Curry, ~1450 INR

It’s been a while since I had a truly excellent Penang curry; perhaps reflective of the fact, I don’t eat Thai/Malaysian cuisine nearly enough or perhaps just that nothing can beat the fragrant delights I had experienced during 4-5 months of travel around the countries. There is nothing to complain about this dish, except a 1450 INR price tag.

You might berate me for a “poor universe” of restaurants (i.e incorrect peer analysis), but I would argue 5* hotels are, indeed, in direct competition with high end restaurants in the city as mentioned above. This is evidenced by an empty restaurant on the evening I show up; there is a lone gang of business travellers chowing dim sum and crunching numbers on spreadsheets (must also be w***** bankers!)

Assuming a thrifty 1.5x premium paid on all food, and in the best case scenario that all food is as good as Yautcha (4.5/5) I scale my rating of India Jones accordingly. (1/1.5 x 4.5 = 3)

“It’s all relative”

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