Khane Khas (Bandra, Mumbai)

Khane Khaas is a venerable institution. The Protectorate of high quality Indian cuisine at affordable prices in the city. The place has stood the test of time; while other restaurants come and go, make their fortunes, lose it all, introduce new age concepts of gastronomy on unsuspecting and unwitting guests and change their cuisine according to the whims and fads of the day, Khane Khaas has stuck stoically to traditional North Indian cuisine.

The breezy al Fresco setting probably hasn’t changed for many years nor have those in charge. The owner/manager whips around politely and efficiently making sure guests are satisfied. If there’s one thing I have noticed about all great time-aged establishments in Bombay, the owners are always deeply and passionately involved in the business (Good Luck, Britannia Cafe etc). Given the difficulty of hiring the right kind of staff, a healthy dose of micro-management and involvement is necessary.
The food and drink menu is vast but simply laid out. The Tandoori Roti Paneer Tikka Roll deserves a medal. Soft paneer, fresh onions and lashings of green chutney, it makes Mini Punjab’s variety look hum drum. The Egg Biryani is another winner. As my friendly aptly described it “not too greasy and packed with flavour.”
The dry bhindi fry is another delight, with the slight sourness of the amchoor (mango powder) to be tasted in every mouthful. After washing this all down with a fresh sweet lassi, I am a seriously happy camper.
It’s not hard to see why the restaurant has such a fan following. Strict adherence to quality, good service and treating guests correctly make for a great restaurant, which I’m sure will live on for many years to come…
AA Connoisseur

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