Bombay Cocktail Bar (Andheri, Mumbai)

“When you are at the top you only see shadows and when you’re at the bottom you are blinded by the light but from the middle everything is pleasing”

Finding a bar that is somewhere in between the outright haughty and the downright shady is a tough ask in the city that never sleeps. Although Bombay Cocktail Bar seems to have found the middle path.

If you rock up early doors, they are usually good at accommodating a small table with minimum fuss and for only a small cover. This makes a change from the nepotistic gang of club promoters (you know who you are) to be found behind many a bar or a club in the city.

The only caveat here would be: don’t expect to show up as an all male battalion and not be met with some hostility. This is the golden rule in the city: no matter how wealthy or how influential you may think you are, make some female friends. They may be ugly beasts, as repetitive as scratched records and with less conversation capability than my little brother’s mute gerbil, but we all know that filling a venue with women is the exclusive pre-occupation of most promoters. (Dare I say it gents: Tinder might be your answer)

Quite bizarrely and a slight aside here, I was introduced to an employee of Speciality Restaurants (the company behind Hoppipola and Mainland China) who gives me the roll eyes for my most recent diatribe on Hoppipola in Khar West. Maybe they could take a leaf out of BCB’s book though?

The decor is smart with major props for the raised seating around the sides of the venue. It is evident a lot of thought has gone into the design. There’s enough open space to mingle with others and create the effect of a “dancefloor”, but also enough enclosed seating for those who want an exclusive party arrangement. The music selection is a passable mix of hip hop, EDM and Bollywood; they have most bases covered there and at a volume which you can just about have an audible conversation with others. Drinks wise, I was a bit gutted they didn’t have my beloved Hendrick’s, and the cocktails are certainly a case of style over substance, but at around 400 INR, it’s a cheap way to impress with liquid nitrogen!

Looking at the nightlife scene in Andheri, this place could get be a whole lot worse!

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