Club 145 (Bandra, Mumbai)

Basic Instinct, 1992

“What do we do now, Nick?

“…Raise rugrats and live happily ever after”

Fast forward to 2017. Even still, if I were to tell you the partner of your dreams and “your happy ever after” might be found in a night time spot, you might have thought I had lost my marbles and gone bat sheeet crazy.

Imagine for a moment the tradition of arranged Hindu marriage. From what I glean from most grooms or brides to be, the standard process is to ship in a load of CVs, screen them, check the kundli (astrology) and deliberate. Effectively the funnel starts large, there might be a few preliminary “CCD” coffees and then that gets narrowed down. Usually parents do a good job of sorting the wheat from the chaff; it’s quite easy for them, without being in the throngs of a couple’s passion, to pick emotionally stable, well to do partners.

Now reflect for a moment on those without the option to get the parents on the job (the so called “love marriage”). The problem in most parts of the world, especially in India, is that through the course of daily life the “funnel” for potential partners is relatively small – a few college friends, friends of friends and maybe work colleagues for the adventurous.

Statistically speaking the sample size is so small, it’s almost pre-determined that you are going to happen your way into a misfit relationship. Now, the alarming part for most people reading this: how do you increase the sample size?

MEET STRANGERS. Only then will you be able to screen from a wide enough list and be able to find someone who is right.

What does this have to do with 145? I hear you ask. Well 145 has become a veritable hub for some of the most diverse and interesting people in Bandra: college goers, young professionals, married ones, alternative souls. Get on the pool table and shoot a few racks of pool as if you are “Earl the Pearl Strickland”, then go catch-up with the smoking crowd who frequent the stairwells and the lifts or just throw a few shapes on the dancefloor. The good thing about 145 is its fluidity; there are no clear demarcations between tables, dancefloor and eating, it’s an open plan utopia! This also has the added advantage of keeping the bottle rats at bay (thanks urban dictionary for that one ;))

The place is always packed; so there will never be any shortage of people to hang out with. The food seems passable; reasonably priced and a familiar selection of continental dishes, but don’t come here with Gastronomic aspirations.

I’d once advised my readership to try dining alone, now to further that I advise you to try going out alone. Weird one, but for anyone’s who on a journey to experience as many things as possible, this has to be on the list.

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