Kitchen Garden (Bandra, Mumbai)

Nestled in a leafy lane of Pali Hill, close to Gold’s Gym, Kitchen Garden is, without doubt, another hipster hang out. Guys get your rompers and boat shoes on, girls find a dainty floral backpack and your Nan’s cardigan from 1958. They’ve put up some plastic sheets around the outside seating to protect guests from the inclement monsoon weather. I can’t help but feel it’s like going into one of those exotic pet centres, “the iguanas are on the left, through the plastic flaps, Sir, and please mind your heads on the exotic plants we have drooping from every angle”.

The waiter profusely apologises for not being able to take my order at the table and requests me to go to the counter – that’s really not a problem. I’m amused by the gym lady buying some “organic peanut butter”, smacks of another low-carb keto dieter. Still I was rather perturbed by the limited selection of tea – is black tea considered unhealthy or unethical, I wonder?

My custom salad bowl which arrives – Kale, Spinach, Roasted Aubergine, Cheddar, Baby Lettuce, Almonds, Tofu in mustard balsamic dressing – is top draw. There’s nothing to complain about here; the ingredients are impeccably fresh and the creamy dressing works well. If you really wanted to find fault, I suppose you might point to the smaller portion size vis-à-vis Bombay Salad Company’s larger offerings.

I’m sure the other dishes – crepes, sandwiches et al – are equally as good. The founders of Suzette seem to understand provenance and how to construct healthy dishes. I’m not sure I buy into the whole ethical, organic food marketing but that’s a separate discussion.

Kitchen Garden is definitely worth an occasional visit, although there are several other places doing the same thing.

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