The Daily Bar & Kitchen (Bandra, Mumbai)

It is difficult for me to review The Daily after the previous reviewer so poetically describes the place and his own views on the significance of dancing:

“A good place to go and dance and I believe dancing is the advertisement of one’s performance in bed. Crowded place ,after 11pm, full of beautiful people, and if you like to swim, you’ll find plenty of deep eyes and heart melting faces”

Well, thank you, Mr Macho Squire, I’m so grateful for your worldly wisdom; I’ll be sure to let everyone know that my avid,  dancing skills are a true and accurate indication of more amorous matters – oh that will definitely help me with those deep eyed (not quite sure what that means) heart melting faces.

The one thing the reviewer might be right on is the “crowded place”. The Daily gets packed to the rafters on the weekends, and most tables were occupied when I showed up on a Monday too. My meal was one out of default, I felt obliged to offer some custom to The Daily after they had kindly kept my work bag (mobile office) safely after I’d wandered off after a little “Swim” (language of the oppressor) in  the Daily. It’s a gin thing, I tell thee…

The Pissalladiere that shows up is nothing like the South of France classic, but I get the nod. It’s a thin, crispy pizza with a few veggies strung on the top. It’s fine, I suppose…The hearty Quinoa Steak for mains is not dissimilar to a vegetarian burger patty on top of a good ladle or two of creamy mushroom sauce. Nothing really to complain about. The Ricotta Cheese and Chocolate Filo Pastry for dessert is the weakest dish. The filling is slightly curdled and the absence of any sauce leaves the palette dry and desperately in search of something fluid.

I appreciate the monochrome theme they have going on at The Daily, although it’s something you can’t really appreciate at 2am, being jostled around in the cattle market that the joint invariably becomes – refer to the delightful comments above.

For the Bandrites, The Daily is hard to ignore: it’s a popular place, stays open late, does a bit of ok grub and if you look hard enough you might find a male Zomato reviewer strutting his stuff on the dancefloor….

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